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A Tapestry of Artistry, Vision, and Resilience


Born into a vibrant artistic and musical lineage, Anahit Etemadi's journey is the epitome of the intertwining of passion, talent, and purpose. Her journey as an artist took shape when, at the tender age of four, she created her first portrait, an early sign of her prodigious talents.


With a heart brimming with creativity, Anahit's introduction to fashion design occurred at five. Fascinated by her newly acquired knitting skills, she embarked on crafting her first piece of lingerie. By six, her creative prowess had expanded into a fashion illustration album, showcasing an eclectic mix of casual to haute couture designs.


Her innate talent didn't go unnoticed. During her primary schooling, her exemplary female portraiture caught the eyes of educators, earning her the first of many accolades. The school became a canvas for her artwork, with Anahit being the go-to artist for intricate posters, logos, and wall paintings.


Anahit's commitment to her craft led her to the prestigious AL Zahra University's Fashion and Textile Design program. Her brilliance shone brightly, earning her an honorary diploma and recognition at the esteemed "Museum of Contemporary Art and Fashion" among seasoned designers.


The fusion of art and entrepreneurship defined Anahit's subsequent years. Establishing her own fashion house in Vanak, Tehran, in 1994, she tasted the complex flavors of business – from soaring successes to invaluable lessons from setbacks. This journey spurred her to deepen her understanding of business, leading to certifications and degrees, including an MBA from the globally renowned Hult International Business School.


Throughout her illustrious career, Anahit's ethos remained unwavering: the synthesis of art with purpose. Her brand, The Real Men City (TRMC), is a testament to this. TRMC transcends mere fashion, encouraging men to reflect on their values, actions, and thoughts. This brand, intertwined with her advocacy, leads the charge against grave global issues like sex trafficking.

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This is why the slogan for The Real Men City is:

Fight Sex Trafficking with Conscious Wear!
10% of revenue is donated to this cause.
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Anahit's contributions aren't limited to the fashion realm. A bestselling author, a committed philanthropist, and an inspiration to many, she has continuously leveraged her platform to inspire and bring about tangible change. Her unwavering commitment to societal betterment echoes the teachings of her father, who instilled in her the responsibility that comes with talent.

From Tehran to Dubai, Canada, and the United States, Anahit's journey, all-by-herself, has been nothing short of remarkable. Each move, spurred by her relentless quest for knowledge and the desire to share her gifts with the world, has been replete with challenges. Yet, her indomitable spirit, underpinned by her father's teachings and her commitment to her craft, has always seen her through.


In recognition of her contributions to art, fashion, and society, Anahit has been conferred with several awards and  honored with inclusion in Marquis Who's Who, a testament to her significant contributions to art, fashion, and global societal issuesThese accolades are not just a testament to her talents but a nod to her commitment to uplift, inspire and drive change.


Anahit Etemadi stands as a beacon of resilience, creativity, and purpose. Her story serves as an inspiration for all those who dare to dream, act, and make the world a more beautiful and compassionate place.

AWARDS & Recognitions

“Marquis Who is Who Inclusion”, Los Angeles – Recognized for outstanding and remarkable self-made success and philanthropy, celebrating her journey of resilience and achievement, a lifetime of artistic innovation and commitment to societal impact.

“Quilly Award”, Bestselling Author, Turning Point with Jack Canfield.

“Quilly Award”, Los Angeles – Bestselling Author for co-authoring Leverage with Brian Tracy.

“Marylin Monroe Walks Nude”– Warner Brothers and Seattle Art Museum. One of a kind, hand painted and masterpiece couture.

“First Prize Winner”– Canadian and Italian Embassies in Farmanian Palace, Tehran. Fashion show and contest: “Shahrazad Goes to Milan.”

“Honorary Diploma plus a full gold coin”– Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran.

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